Events - 2021

Games & Movie Night

Oct 22 | 5:30 pm | 215.301

Kick back, relax and take a breather before exams kick off.

Just a chill night to play some games, watch a movie and eat popcorn to wrap up the semester.

Mech Night

Sep 22 | 6:15 pm | Shirley Theatre 204.234 (Room Change)

This event was co-hosted by Curtin Society of Mechatronic Engineers & Curtin Mechanical Society! Learn all about getting into Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineering!

Take a look at the journey of three graduate engineers - from Stantec, Hofmann Engineering, Woodside - and learn about the roles & pathways, their expectations and the challenges faced in transitioning to the industry.

Pizza was great, and some of the best speakers we've had so far!

Previously in the Pavilion, after some scheduling conflicts it was moved to 204.234.

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AGM 2021

Sep 3 | 6 pm | Engineering Pavilion

It's that time of year again. Once again reviewing what we've been up to as a club and an election for next year's committee.

An election that was lacking interest because only one nomination each role. Seriously, next year better have some spicy debates.

Regardless, congrats on our new committee!

We also watched one of our committee members demolish a 1L milkshake from Varsity by herself and it was insanity. Looked pretty nice though.

AI & Automation

Aug 20 | 6 pm | Engineering Pavilion

This event was co-hosted by Curtin Society of Mechatronic Engineers & Machine Learning Club!

Join us along with a panel of experts to unravel the potential of automation, machine learning and A.I. in cloud computing, universal machine intelligence and robotics!

We had Ingeniation providing a technical insight on their new Holon AI technology and AWS giving a big picture overview about all the machine learning infrastructure in practice for their businesses along with the available APIs for public use.

Renewables 2.0: A Step Towards a Sustainable Future: Explore Emerging Technologies in the Renewables Sector

Aug 11 | 6 pm | Engineering Pavilion

A sequel to last year's renewables panel.

Explore the new and emerging technologies in the renewables sector and what it means for you as a future engineer.

From an industry perspective we listened to Horizon Power & Australian Hydrogen Society on their projects.

From an academic perspective we had Professor Sumedha from EECMS & Callum Burgess presenting his Mechanical Engineering thesis on wave energy.

BBQ Sem 2

Aug 11 | 12 pm | Engineering Pavilion

Ayo it's snag hours again.

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Mechelmech - Networking Night

May 27 | 6:30 pm | Engineering Pavilion

For all Mechatronics, Electrical and Mechanical disciplines - CSME, CMS, IEEE Curtin and WiECD presents to you a networking night proudly named MECHELMECH!!

That's right folks, Mechelmech is here. Have you ever wanted to go to a networking🤝 night but didn't know who to talk to for your discipline?

Wait no more! Because here at Mechelmech we are all about connecting you with industry leaders in Mechatronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

You walk one way and you run into an electrical/mech 🛠 industry rep. You walk the other way, you run into another. ⚡️

No matter who you talk to at MECHELMECH, you'll know they have something to offer for Mechatronics especially!

Wanna know more about the electrical side? Or the mechanical side? How about robotics?

Mechelmech. Build connections. Grow your network.

Previously May 5th but had to be postponed due to lockdown.

The Surprise Sundowner

May 10 | 2 pm | Curtin Tav

Join CSME and MLC at the Curtin Tav for some free food at ☀️THE SURPRISE SUNDOWNER!!

Come down, say hi, and get to know each other over some free food.

This is also a great opportunity to get involved with the committees, chat with fantastic people, and learn about the two clubs!

So bring some friends, enjoy the free food and wrap up the semester right with the best people!!!!!!

Pool Night

May 7 | 6 pm | Pot Black Cannington

Mark your calendars it's time for pool! Together with CMS, come play pool, make friends and flex your skills during the doubles tournament!

Finger food is available throughout the night to keep you at the top of your game.


Mar 3 | 12 pm | Engineering Pavilion

Join us for free food and a chat. That's really it. Eat food, make friends, hear about the committee. We had a great time and hope you did too!